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What Is the American Beveren Rabbit Club?

The American Beveren Rabbit Club is a nonprofit organization that helps its members raise healthy and beautiful Beveren rabbits. Founded in 1981, the club promotes responsible rabbit breeding. Its members include breeders, owners, and hobbyists who share a passion for this beautiful breed. Beveren Rabbits are easy to care for and make great pets for any family. They are also incredibly friendly and intelligent.

What Is the American Argente Brun Rabbit Club?

The Argente Brun is known as the “gentle giant” of the rabbit world, and this breed is extremely easy to breed and care for. Although they may be large and sturdy, they are a good choice for novice breeders, as they are herbivores and very easy to breed and care for. This article talks about this breed and the club that is dedicated to the Breed in the United States.