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What Is Necrotic Enteritis In Chickens?

Necrotic enteritis is an infectious disease in chickens. It’s caused by a bacterial infection in the intestines. The bacteria that cause it is called C perfringens. It’s a common bacteria that lives in chickens’ intestines. This disease is also known as enterotoxemia because it damages the intestinal mucosa. Chickens are predisposed to develop the disease if they consume high levels of grains and animal byproducts. This condition also can be triggered by anything that promotes excessive bacterial growth in the intestines.

How Do Large Intestinal Roundworms Impact Chickens?

Large intestinal roundworms can cause a serious problem for poultry. It’s essential to treat the worms effectively in order to keep chickens healthy. There are a few ways to treat large intestinal roundworms in chickens. Read on to learn about the symptoms of a heavy roundworm infestation and treatment options for this common ailment.

What Are the Most Common Diseases In Backyard Chickens?

One of the most common diseases found in backyard chickens is bird flu. It can live outside of a bird’s body for up to six months, so proper disease management is vital to keep your flock healthy. The best way to prevent an outbreak is to hatch chicks from disease-free flocks and practice strict sanitation on your farm. This includes providing clean feed and proper disposal of dead birds. When an outbreak occurs, extra precautions must be taken, such as cleaning and disinfecting the farm, as well as range rotation.